Things that 2016 taught me.

2016 was tough, but you survived. So what did we learn this year?

Believe in yourself. It’s okay to look for others to support you, but don’t expect them to tell you what you feel is right.

Understand that when you feel crazy it’s not always because of you.

Think with your mind, but believe with your heart.

If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

Champion others above all else. Focussing all your energies on growing others will pay off more in the long run, but balance it with some self-love though.

Sleep more. Even if you don’t and can’t do it, realise it’s important.

Eat. Even if you don’t feel like it, or it makes you unwell, please eat. Listen to your body, it has ways of giving you messages that you just don’t and won’t understand.

It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to feel down. It’s ok to ask for help (and honestly, people will love you even more for it).

Don’t pretend you’re a robot. You have a heart, a soul and feelings like anyone else; showing them is not weakness.

Don’t be afraid to tell some people exactly who you are and what you believe. Bit by bit you’ll be more comfortable with the things you hold dear, and in sharing them too.

Although you always believed it, champion others’ ability to be exactly who they are and what they choose to be. Some people need that support you needed and you remember how you felt when you got it.

Some people are really special; really, truly, incredibly special. Cry some more whilst writing that last one.

Do stupid things every now and again - life is hard enough as it is.

Give more than you take. Karma is real.

Share any and all of your gifts with others, no matter how scary that might be.

Generally, it’s a good idea to do scary things. Scary things means you’re pushing yourself.

Try to prevent yourself losing your temper, even in front of those you trust; it’s not helping that whole “just a child” thing. It’s a tough life, but everyone is in it the same way.

In counter to the above, it’s OK to be angry about things that you care about.

Making mistakes is OK; learn to love and forgive yourself. Practice what you preach; embrace failure.

Don’t carry the stretcher for everyone else if they’re not carrying it with you.

Don’t forget your friends. You’ll need them.

Fight really hard for the important things and what is right in all walks of your life. Ignore the things that just don’t matter or that take your time and energy for little return.

You can do amazing things when you put your heart before your mind.

Don’t write lists when emotional. You’ll probably end up repeating yourself.

Grow every day, even if just a little bit.

Do more things that make you happy; life is too short. (It’s okay to also live every day as if it’s your last.)

Get over the “Read” notifier; people will read and reply when they’re ready. Hell; some people will never (ever) reply - they’re not worth your thoughts anyway.

Put down your phone more and connect with the world around you; it’s funny what you see when your eyes are up and not down.

Really, cry. Cry a lot. Cry until your eyes hurt. Sometimes cry until the blood vessels around your eyes flare up; and don’t lie when people ask why.

The pain and sadness you feel in your chest is where your heart is; listen to it but don’t dwell. It will continue to hurt for the whole year (and get worse from July onwards) to the point where you don’t eat and don’t sleep for days on end. Mope for a bit but then snap out of it as quickly as possible, the people you are upset over and the reasons aren’t worth your time and energy.

Feel the energy around you; use it.



Love if you can, but it’s not mandatory. Doesn’t have to be people (or a person) but have something to focus your energies upon. Don’t believe the hype; most people are just chasing a movie ending - and not even a dramatic one.

And lastly, be unapologetically you.