How long must I try 'til you learn that dreaming's hard?

July 22nd Regina Spektor, one of my favourite artists, released her new song, titled “Bleeding Heart”. It’s the first song to be released from her new Album which I am incredibly excited for. The song immediately resonated with me, hit me in all the awkward places (I’m still working on removing my heart as per last post) and got my head reeling.

You can’t help but stare at everyone there, it’s you versus everyone else. Your outfit’s a crime, you feel their cold minds placing you under arrest. And you serve your time drinking all night long staring at the walls of your jail like home listening to that song cause it hurts just right ‘til everything is gone tonight.’

Significant progress has been made over the last month, both personal and professional, and things seem to be starting to fall into place. I’ve learnt significant lessons of leadership, and although not perfect, the feedback and strong feeling of culture we’re building together seem to be creating energy amongst the teams which creates an energy of it’s own. There’s been big challenges over the last couple of weeks which were notable but necessary.

Our progress on our new product, soon to be announced, feels speedy in all directions and I’m intent that we’ll progress at this pace until we are able to produce our MVP towards the end of the year. I can’t wait to share some of that journey with you, particularly the technical challenges we’re facing which I will be trying to write up here whilst they’re fresh.

Let’s see what we do next. Until that moment, I hope the music touches you the same way it did me.