Moving to GitHub pages

As I look forward in 2016 I have tried to make a very clear decision that I will begin to write more. Having been through quite a few blocking platforms I have constantly been annoyed and frustrated at how clunky and annoying blogging systems can be.

Originally I started this blog on Wordpress but I soon found that the many security vulnerabilities meant that I was forever updating the core Wordpress files, replacing comments due to spam and fixing out of date plugins. I then moved to Ghost, which in the beginning was brilliant however after a few upgrades I found the system to become a bit unstable and unmanagable, particularly in the case of running in production, vs a service, vs NPM start etc. So in the end I decided to move to

GitHub Pages using Jekyll

and I have to say at the moment the experience is brilliant.

Despite the templating being slightly frustrating at first, I’ve found the whole experience to be really eye opening at how the many things that we use every day, such as git, GitHub and others, can come together to make something quite beautiful.

Anyway, just a quick update to say hopefully I’ll be writing some more, starting with a blog post along the lines of my presentation I gave in San Francisco in October that I’m giving again in March.

Until next time.